As land becomes sparse in the Golden Horseshoe, new home builders make property lots smaller and smaller. This could mean that the new Collingwood home you just bought could have a tiny yard. Rather than selling your Collingwood property, you could try to make the most out of it.

1. Use multifunctional pieces

Just as you would inside the home, ensure that your furniture allows your space to be multi-purpose. For example, you’ll want to look at stools that can also become seating or seating that can also become a stool. Look for a porch swing that not only is great for family cuddle sessions, but can be laid down like a bed for an afternoon nap.

2. Less is more

If you space is small, you really don’t want it cluttered up with unnecessary furniture or other objects. Consider what you need most, whether that’s a dining table for dining al fresco, or a conversation set for hanging out with guests. Both can serve a purpose, but too much furniture will ensure you are tripping and feeling cramped.

3. Go vertical

Small yards may not be conducive to traditional gardening, but if you have a green thumb and gardening is in your blood, there are ways you can work around this. Vertical gardens are all the rage – not only do they look great, they allow you to grow plants in a small space. Hanging plants are also perfect for spaces where there isn’t enough ground space.

vertical garden Collingwood

4. Install it into the wall

If your outdoor space is limited, do what they do in all the fanciest lofts and install a Murphy bar (not a bed, but a bar), which is one that folds down from the wall into a table, with shelves attached to the wall. This will save space when you don’t need the entertaining area and want to use it for something else (afternoon yoga, perhaps) and you can bring it out when you do need it.

5. Add depth

If you can’t change the size of your yard, you can make it appear larger. Using the same trick as you would inside, install mirrors on your fence to reflect the space and make it seem not so tiny.

6. Add wheels

Furniture and accessories that can easily be moved around is perfect for smaller spaces. This will let you rearrange to suit your needs when you need it and allow for ease in putting it away. Not only your furniture could benefit from wheels, but if you had a container or planter garden, put wheels on it as well, so you can get it out of the way on the days where you have guests (and then bring it back to the sunshine once they leave).