Many people dream about waterfront living, and with the rise in prices in Toronto real estate, moving out of the city and towards the water has never been more affordable. Why stay in the city when you can make a move to Wasaga Beach, where your home on the water is cheaper than a condo in downtown Toronto? Whether you’re newly retired or newly starting your family, your waterfront dream can start today. Here are the top five tips for buying waterfront property.

1) Find an agent who knows the area and knows about waterfront homes

As a realtor who sells homes in Collingwood, Thornbury and Wasaga Beach, I know the water and the homes that line it. Georgian Bay is one of the greatest features of living in this area and in Wasaga Beach there are 14kms of sandy beach of which to find a home on. It is the longest freshwater beach in the entire world!

2) Assess the property first, then the home

When it comes to buying waterfront property, your land is worth much more than your home, so you should be sure that it is in shape before you check out the home. Check out the beach, your access to it, the view from the home and the privacy of your property. Find out if there are any restrictions, insurance considerations, or erosion issues on the property.

3) Ensure the property suits your lifestyle

Consider your reasons for buying a waterfront property. Do you simply want the view or will you be swimming, boating and doing other watersports from your backyard? All of these considerations will matter to what sort of property you’ll buy. If you are buying for the view only, Collingwood or The Blue Mountains might be the spot for you, with mountain-based homes with gorgeous views of the bay. If you plan to walk out of your door and take a swim or jump in your canoe, you need beach access and Wasaga Beach is perfect for you. If you want to dock your boat at your property, you’ll need a spot where the water is deep enough and allows for a stable dock (or has one already).

wasaga beach waterfront home

4) Make sure the structure is sound

Homes on the water need to be able to withstand the weather that comes with waterfront living. Take a look around the home to ensure it has the proper supports for its location, as well as that it hasn’t sustained any damage from summer or winter storms.

5) Decide if the home is the one for you

Many waterfront property owners sacrifice something in their home for the chance to live on the water. This may include space inside the home, updates in the home or their location. When you buy a waterfront home in Wasaga Beach, there may not be much for you to sacrifice, depending on your budget. This Wasaga Beach waterfront home is professionally decorated by the people on the show Love it or List it, has three bedrooms, tons of space for entertaining and a sandy-bottomed beach for everyone to play on.